About the Community Zumba Program

The NCDB has hosted the Community Zumba Program, previously called Let’s Move Marianas Zumba, for 8 years. The program has partnered with various organizations throughout the years, including the Division of Parks and Recreation and the Let’s Move Marianas Alliance, which included entities from all sectors.

This year, the NCDB has worked with partners to develop a website to track your progress and health measurements. The information collected is confidential and will be used to evaluate the Community Zumba Program’s overall impact on health.

What to Expect

    1. Before your first class, you will sign-up on the website at https://www.bibaactive.com/

    2. You will be given a Zumba ID that you will need to check-in at every class.

    3. Once every quarter, the NCDB will collect the health measurement below at the class site. Your health measurements will be linked to your Zumba ID.
        • Blood pressure
        • Random blood glucose, if you have been diagnosed with diabetes.
        • Waist circumference

    4. At your second measurement, you’ll be able to view your health measurements collected.